In Search Of Words...

I stayed awake the whole night,
I searched for them in the stars
I walked all the way to the lake,
I searched for them in the water…
WORDS as they call it,
I searched everywhere I could think of…
I opened the dictionary and looked for them,
I searched for them under the pillow…
I simply could not find them.

WORDS, I needed them
To complete the incomplete love poem he had written for me
WORDS, which could tell him –
That I feel the same way he feels for me
I searched for them in his eyes,
I looked into the mirror and scanned my eyes for them,
I opened his letter and read what he wrote,
I tried to frame sentences -
Similar to those, which he had written,
But I could not write anything other than "Lovingly yours!"

I slipped the letter in his letterbox
And waited behind the bushes;
I saw him walking towards the letterbox –
Opening it and taking out the letter
He opened it and read,
And his lips curved into a smile…

I knew it! I knew he would understand everything.


  1. Mast !!

    meri coaching classes kab se shuru hai :D

  2. What would life be without the moon and the stars? Big hug. 

  3. Thanks :)


  4. Thanks, Gabru ...

    Jab tum bolo tab shuru karte hain...

    Kis type ki training chahiye? First part letter writing or the second part, the answering? ;)


  5. I agree with you, Danne. They're special part of our life! Big hug to you, too.

    Good to see your comment here :)


  6. <span style="">This is beautiful! I love the new look of your blog, by the way.</span>

  7. Thank you, Aurora :)
    I am glad you could finally make it to SFTH.
    The blog background is the pic I clicked on my trip to Panchgani :)


  8. Margie! So happy to see you here ...
    How have you been? 
    Thank you, I am glad you liked the poem.


  9. Nice blog Aartiji :) the background image is nice..its like walking

    well coming to the true it is..the time we need words badly are the times we realise how bad our vocabulary is...and the time we just read what our loved ones say even without they saying anything are the times we realise that WORDS are so unimportant after all!! :)

  10. Thanks, Narendra!
    That's the feeling the background image gives to me, too.

    Yes, sometimes words are not needed at all :)



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