In Search Of Words...

I stayed awake the whole night,
I searched for them in the stars
I walked all the way to the lake,
I searched for them in the water…
WORDS as they call it,
I searched everywhere I could think of…
I opened the dictionary and looked for them,
I searched for them under the pillow…
I simply could not find them.

WORDS, I needed them
To complete the incomplete love poem he had written for me
WORDS, which could tell him –
That I feel the same way he feels for me
I searched for them in his eyes,
I looked into the mirror and scanned my eyes for them,
I opened his letter and read what he wrote,
I tried to frame sentences -
Similar to those, which he had written,
But I could not write anything other than "Lovingly yours!"

I slipped the letter in his letterbox
And waited behind the bushes;
I saw him walking towards the letterbox –
Opening it and taking out the letter
He opened it and read,
And his lips curved into a smile…

I knew it! I knew he would understand everything.

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