Long Time

It has been a long time
... many years, actually
since we first met and became friends,
we have been through a lot together ...
But, it is not the time to be tired,
We still have a long way to go!

It has been a long time
since we shared our dreams,
since we had a heart-to-heart talk
But, it is not the time to sulk
One day we will just catch up on old times!

It has been a long time,
yes, long enough
to look back and say
"Those were the days"
But do not lose faith in our friendship
We can still bring those days back!

It has been a long time,
Since I told you how much you mean to me
Since the day I told you that I care
But I know in my heart,
You still trust me like you once did

... and that is what matters

So, even if it has been a long time
Even if I do not get a chance to say I care
Even if you do not get the time to call
We still know that we are there for one another
That is what friendship is all about.

Dedicated to my best friend Anita

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