Spend your life, burn like a candle -
Only to light up the dark.
Cry, shed the tears of pain -
Only to feel lightened enough to smile.

Remember the past -
Only to learn from your mistakes.
Shed the part that makes you miserable
For life is meant to be lived forward.

Few things cannot be changed in life;
Learn to move ahead with whatever happened ...
If at all you want to do something about it;
Promise yourself that it would be the last miserable moment.

Be optimistic and thankful for the life you have
Because God thought that you are worth it...
Make Him proud.
Life gives us a chance to choose what we want -
If we fail to choose, it gives us what it thinks is right.

Make your choice -
Live the life of your dreams
Because you are responsible for what you are
And what you can be...

(c) Arti Honrao
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