It’s Still There …

Dear ____________ ,

It is still there; what I thought I had long forgotten. Thrown in some dark corner of the mind, unattended, unfed, left to die, covered with creepers of hatred. Somehow, it managed to survive, clean, unaffected by the creeper. It's still breathing, as if the dark corner of the mind did not have any adverse effect on its survival.

That feeling, I had tried to get rid with; bury somewhere I would not be able to find. I did not know it will take only a call from you to break down the wall between the accessible and the forbidden part of the mind. I did not know that your voice would resonate in the chambers of the heart, making each and every string vibrate, making sound of music played years ago when I had met you for the first time.

And, to tell you the truth -
Despite all my attempts to get you out of my head, to ignore your presence in my thoughts, I did not know I would love to hear your voice and feel concerned about the hardships of your life.
I also did not know that the long forgotten song of love would make me feel delighted and not hurt with pain of loss.

Lovingly Yours

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