I Dream...

Sleep peacefully in the lap of mother nature,
Breathe fresh air and walk carefree, 
Hear the sound of leaves beneath my feet,
Feel the raindrops on my face -

And smell the wet earth,
Fly with the birds, spread my wings wide,
Look at the world through eagle's eyes...

Living amidst the concrete jungle,
Often I dream of these.
Waking up from the slumber,
Tired, I get back to the daily routine.
The dream still fresh in my mind,
Feelings still strong in my heart.

The city breeze suddenly brings with it -
The first shower of rain.
The sweet smell of earth makes me nostalgic
And standing at the balcony -
I spread my arms and feel the raindrops on my face.
And, here, amidst the concrete jungle - 
I see my dream taking shape, in spite of the open eyes.

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