Being Optimistic

Being optimistic does not mean wearing a mask of smile on the face
It means to have a cheerful soul
It means radiating vibes that would dry out the tears of those in pain
And, bring a smile to their faces as well.

Being optimistic does not mean overlooking the problems that lie ahead
It means facing them with courage and hope in your heart
It means knowing that in the end the problem would cease to exist
And, you would walk through, a winner.

Be optimistic my friend and not ignorant
Observe carefully what life has to offer
Face what you must and shed a tear or two
Those who say tears are the signs of weakness,
Have themselves cried in the dark, believe me
Shed the tears and the burden that slows you down -
Let the sky clear out and the sun shine -
For when it thus rains, it gives us rainbow, too.

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