The Silent Tears

The nudging thought at the back of the mind
Havoc spreading through the nerves of the body
Estranged, am I?, feelings make me stay awake at night

So many questions unanswered, so many questions -
I fear to ask, to myself and to others
Let go, I tell myself, often. But in vain
Energy draining out with each attempt at self-control
Night after night, silent tears rolling onto the soft pillow
The Night, so silent, seems to scream and cry, in agony I so relate to

Tomorrow promises a new beginning, yet I dread to believe
Every morning begins with hope and the night ends in tears,
All I can do, is say a prayer, to free me from this agony of living in hopelessness
Reaching out to me, from the dark, a voice says - Trust Me.
So, Trust Him, I do, in spite of the other entangled emotions I go through

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  1. Beautiful Fantastic. You Have Very Well Said About Mental Pain.

  2. Arti HonraoOctober 30, 2010

    Thanks, Creativity.
    I have tried it best however I feel maybe I have failed to do justice to it


  3. i used one of these amazing pics and edited it and it looks pretty sweet! thanks!

  4. I used one of these pictures and editted it, and it looks pretty sweet. Tell me whatcha think :)


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