What We Miss...

I woke up one night,
From a dream where I was trying to catch a star
I found myself, arm outstretched,
Trying to grasp the air.
I forced myself to sleep again,
For a little more time -
Until I reach where I was before
And, hold it in my hand.
The shining star, that would brighten up my life.
I wanted to hold it close,
Keep it in my room,
Wish upon it whenever I wanted something.
I wanted my own personal wish-come-true charm

I could not do it but,
Could not go back to sleep
Forget going back to the same dream.
Every night, I try hard to think about it -
Every night, I wait for that dream -
But, it never happens.
Since that night, there have been many stars -
I held them in my hand.
But, none shines bright like the one I missed

That's how it is -
And, that is how it would be.
We would never be satisfied with what we have
If we regret what we miss.

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