Bundle of Joy

His face, so divine, reflecting unfathomable peace,
His lips curved into a smile, the kind that fills the heart with unwavering faith,
His little angelic eyes, filled with hopes and dreams of tomorrow,
His delicate little fingers, curled around my finger,
A gesture that transforms everyday moments into the precious ones.
Great love fills the heart, a rich feeling of pride sets in,
As I hold him, my nephew, in my arms that at times,
Feel so incompetent to hold such bundle of joy.

My eyes … reflection of him in them,
Search for the traces of recognition in his.
I hope he knows,
How much he is loved each day.

(C) Arti Honrao
Please do NOT copy this poem. I still remember how my poem for my father was copied by someone and modified into a love poem. Please respect the feelings that go behind the writing of a poem.

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