Sometimes when things don't happen as planned
Underneath the calm surface, there is a very disturbed you
Inside turmoil not showing at all to the world
Coffin - seems like. You build one for your thoughts
In the deepest part of yourself, you bury them
Desperate, that's what you become, shattered from within
End it, you hear a voice. And, you shut your eyes.

I want to add that I am very much against "Suicide". What I have attempted to write here is merely a peek into the mind of the person who is on the verge of ending his/her life. No one, believe me, absolutely no one can step into the shoes of such a person. The negativity that emanates from such person is what takes him/her down. I read a post on some site and was tempted to write this poem.

5:56 PM -

I received 5 anonymous mails regarding this poem. Two of them telling me how they could relate to it. (It made me sad) and three anonymous told me that there was a phase when they were going through exact emotions and how, as if sent by God, someone had made them put on a brake to their negative emotions and bring about a positive change in their way of life.
I received one whispered words mail, though I am not sure whether it is from one of these five. When I posted this poem, I was unaware of the kind of response I would get for it. There are so many websites/forums out there to help the people who are going through a bad phase in life and are on the verge of breaking. I am not sure whether I would be able to handle the responsibility of making it easier for such people. Nevertheless, if talking makes you feel good, always remember, I am a mail away.

Whispered Words

Another poem - A little inspiring:


Creeps in without knocking
Swallowing every bit
Of self confidence
Throwing it in the dungeons
Of guilt and fear

Wake up

It's not yet late
Fight it with the light of wisdom
Only you can judge
How worthy you are
And what it takes to be 'you'

(From my old blog)