ometimes when things don't happen as planned
Underneath the calm surface, there is a very disturbed you
Inside turmoil not showing at all to the world
Coffin - seems like. You build one for your thoughts
In the deepest part of yourself, you bury them
Desperate, that's what you become, shattered from within
End it, you hear a voice. And, you shut your eyes.

I am personally against suicide. It is a fact that no one can really predict what thoughts must be going through the mind of the person as he/she makes up his/her mind to put an end to everything. This poem is an attempt to peek into the mind of the person on verge of ending his/her life. 

Another poem - A little inspiring:


Creeps in without knocking
Swallowing every bit
Of self confidence
Throwing it in the dungeons
Of guilt and fear

Wake up

It's not yet late
Fight it with the light of wisdom
Only you can judge
How worthy you are
And what it takes to be 'you'

P. S. If you are feeling depressed and have suicidal thoughts please seek professional help. I hope my poem 'Worthlessness' makes some difference in your life.

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