Dust of Time

Seems like a long time -
Some people vanished beneath the dust of time,
Taking with them my feelings from within me
Leaving a strange emptiness behind,
An unexplainable sadness, a void.

Suddenly, a wind blew,
Hard, through the windows of thoughts.
A breeze of fresh air, refreshed memories -
New feelings, new day, new beginning.
The lost faces evident -
Floating around in my mind;
Waiting to be released, embraced.

Dust of time covers everything, they say
This dust can be undone, no one ever told me so.
And here I am -
Stuck somewhere between the past and the present -
Dreading to walk into the future,
Where I believe I would see again -
The ghosts from my past -
Faces once hidden but now out -
From the dust of time.

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