I have given up, I tell myself
I do not care anymore, I confirm
I look in the mirror -
The girl laughs out loud, sarcastic laugh.
And, she vanishes -
Replaced by a face of mask;
The one I identify as mine.

I walk away, troubled.
This girl haunts me every night.
The girl, who looks like me -
But -
The one who is a lot lively.

Every night as I lay in bed
She whispers in my ears -
Words that I know in my heart, are true.
You are a liar, the biggest one I have met, she says.
I pull a pillow over my ear -
Every night, Night after night.

You cannot give up, she tells me
You still care, she laughs and confirms
I turn in bed to look her in the eye -
She stares back at me, smiling.
And, she vanishes -
Becomes a part of me;
And I fall asleep, convinced.

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