The Raven

She saw him, perched on the tree outside her bedroom window. His dark non-reflective eyes stared straight at her and that gave her an eerie feeling. She stared back at him, hoping he would look away and fly off for good, but he did not move, nor did he turn his gaze. Suddenly, the non-reflective eyes began changing to reflective and within the depths of the now reflective dark eyes she saw something that scared her.

For a while she thought she had imagined it but he did it again, the raven tilted his head again continuing to stare at her as if beckoning her and then all of a sudden it spread its wings and flew off the tree, circling near her house, waiting for her to follow.
She fell on the floor, unconscious and her soul surged forward and followed the Raven flying high into the night sky.

Hours later she woke up in her room with severe headache. She pressed her fingers on the temples and cursed. A sudden wave of fear washed through her body and with speed she did not know she was capable of, she rushed to the bathroom and vomited in the commode. She fell back on her knees and waited for another wave of nausea but it did not come. Thankfully the headache was gone. She stood up and walked to the basin to wash her face and froze. The reflection in the mirror scared her. A totally different person stared back.

He could not believe his eyes. He did not know what was happening. He remembered seeing a raven perched on the tree outside his bedroom window. The non-reflective eyes staring at him and then non-reflectiveness being replaced by reflective one! He had clearly seen a face staring back at him from inside the reflective pupil of the raven. She had beautiful dark brown eyes which stared at him, a mischievous smile playing on the lips. It seemed she wanted to say something to him but before he could know what was happening he had collapsed on the floor.

Now, when he woke up, he had severe headache and he had rushed to the bathroom to vomit in the commode and then wash his face only to see the same girl with beautiful eyes staring back at him, the mischievous smile replaced by fear and shock.