the depression

it sucks me in
deeper and deeper
minute by minute,
the depression.

hours go by -
i sit, staring at the wall
mind whirling with thoughts
a feeling of nausea arises -
and dies off by itself.

i sit, alone in the darkness
the sadness all around me
the pain - like a serpent
dark eyes staring back at me.

the hood raised,
the forked tongue licking the jaw
hungry, it is -
wants to engulf me forever.

i rise, stare into its dark eyes
its body dances with each movement of mine
i know, now is the time i must act
do something, walk away or fight
and i continue to stare back.

the fog in mind begins to clear
happy thoughts come forth -
and i smile.
i see the serpent moving back, disturbed
i think more happy thoughts,
of all the good i did
and all the good that was done for me.

minute by minute
step my step -
the serpent moves back, feeling defeated
the dance continues,
i move, it moves
the dark eyes reflect fear
and mine shine with happiness.

i walk out of the room,
out of the darkness
into the light of the new day
i smile and the world smiles back at me
it is the beginning of a new life.

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