Image (c) Arti Honrao

I'd love to live
In a house-on-wheels
With no door
Just a window to climb in.

I'd travel places
Green lands and snow-clad mountains
Hop out of window and
Drink the cool river water.

I'd breathe in the fresh flowers
And take a nap on the open terrace
See the stars at night and
Wake up to see the sunrise.

I'd hop out of the window
Of the house-on-wheels and
I'd walk barefoot on -
the grass wet with dew.

I'd get drenched in rains
Spread my arms and breathe
I'd hop in through the window
And have a cup of coffee
I'd not change into dry clothes
And still not be sick..
I might sneeze a couple of times
But the nature would heal me.

I'd love to live
In a house-on-wheels
With no door
Only a window to climb in.

Poem inspired by image

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