Never Before

Never before had she felt like this -
A strange pull towards him,
An ache in heart, unexplainable -
Breathing shallow, giving out heat;
Her body on fire, desires heightened.

Never before had she felt love this strong,
Maybe lust it is, she thought -
As she fantasised about him,
Staring shamelessly at his chest muscles
As he worked hard in the fields.
The sweating body not repulsive at the least.

She discarded her feelings as lust, until-
He looked at her and their eyes met,
Staring deep into his brown eyes -
She felt the lust leave her body,
To give place to something else
Something that was beyond the physical.

Never before had she seen such beautiful brown eyes,
Eyes that held her gaze in a way -
As if he held her in his arms.
Eyes that gave a whole new definition to feelings
Eyes that made her hold her breath
And fall in love in an instant.

Never before had she loved a man
The way she loved him;
And each day as she looks at him,
Sleeping next to her in bed
She knows never would she love anyone
The way she loves him.

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