search and you shall find...


The taunting laughter
The chaos echoing in ears
The ache triggered in the heart
The restlessness gripping the mind

Come to haunt, yet again -
Night after night
As I lay in bed.

The thoughts ignored lay in the corner of the mind
The locked away memories, raid the heart
The pent-up emotions find a release
The pillow becomes the soaking sponge.

Vulnerable I am, as I lay in bed each night
A stronger me steps out of the bed each morning.
She welcomes the day with a smile
Heart overflows with optimism
Thoughts are filled with prayers
The eyes shine with happiness.

She stands in front of the mirror
And finds me trapped in there
I stare back at her, trying to bathe in her positivity
She smiles and stares back at me
And a tear rolls down our cheek.

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