taken for granted

i slept - 
unaware of your gazing eyes
i slept -
unaware of what was going on inside your mind
i slept -
because in you i trusted blindly
i slept -
because of the security you offered to me

i slept -
only to wake up and find you gone.
i woke up -
to the harsh reality
to the fact that i took you for granted
to the ache that it was my fault
to the realization that i just needed to pay attention

now, i lay awake -
for hours, hoping to see the gazing eyes
to try and understand your thoughts
to trust you blindly but not take you for granted
to feel secured but offer you security as well
i lay awake -
for hours, night after night.
hoping you would come back.

images from Google Images; words (c) Arti Honrao

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