Full Circle

stay with me ,she whispered
as she wrapped her arms around him,
her desperate attempt to hold him back.
I can't, he yelled at her and left
left her sobbing, alone in the room.

memories assaulted her mind
flashback years ago -
please stay, he begged
I can't she said and walked out
walked out of his life, forever.

present day -
she woke up sweating;
the same dream had left her restless
next to her was the man she loved
the man for whom she had walked out -
on the man who loved her.

the man turned in bed,
to face her and she smiled.
she loved him,
loved him enough to have nightmares every night
that he might leave her;
just the way she had left someone.

he opened his eyes and looked at her
his lips curving into a smile
she went into his arms;
put her head on his chest
and as he wrapped his arms around her
his mobile vibrated on the side-table
text message received -
"missing you XOXO" it read.

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