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The Darkness

The darkness seeps in
Fills every inch of me
I see dark through the eyes
Stench of darkness reaches my nostril
My mouth tastes the darkness
And ears hear unstoppable chatter.

Nothing makes sense
As darkness takes over
Seems like every organ of the body-
Gets covered with the darkness
My limbs go numb,
And I collapse on the floor
Unable to lift myself up, I lie there -

It's dark -
So dark, that the pinpoint light I see
Hurts my eyes tremendously
I hear voices -
They say they have found a creature
Dark, filthy with unbearable stench -
Nonsense chatter escaping the lips.

More lights follow,
It is too bright.
They scream as they see the dark eyes
Few of them move away
Few others rush towards me-
Try to make me sit,
But I keep collapsing.
They put my arms around their shoulder
And lift me up and start walking -
Darkness follows.

I begin to see,
Eyes having adapted to the light
I see familiar surroundings..
I am at the park I used to visit as a child.
I want to turn back,
And see where we came from
But I am scared
I can feel the darkness
At the nape of my neck
The soft breathing, nonsense whisperings.

We walk out towards the light.
That day, they say -
A group of boys and girls saved a girl;
From the clutches of death.
They do not, however, say -
Death followed her out
And since that day -
She feels it breathing down her neck
And she is too scared to look back.

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