Not Meant To Be

She remembered him, still
She still smelled his cologne,
She still felt him,
Warm against her body
As he held her tight in his arms.
She remembered him, still -
It was unfair
Their relationship was not meant to be.

He had moved on, he thought,
He stopped using cologne-
It reminded him of her
He felt cold inside-
His body ached for her warmth
He had moved on, he thought
It was not fair,
Their relationship was not meant to be.

You are not meant to be together
People around them always reminded them
Having sex a couple of times -
Did not meant they were in love.
They could not be in love, people concluded.
But of course, how could they be?
She was a hooker and he was her customer.
At least, that is how it was - the first time.
The first time for both of them.

She had heard terrible stories,
Of how the customers hurt the first timers.
But he had been gentle.
That's when she fell in love with him.
She should have not.

He had heard how hookers were professionals,
Money was all they cared for.
He had never been to one before.
He had expected her to throw him out -
Once they were done.
But, she held him close to her chest.
Ran her fingers through his hair and made him relax
That's when he fell in love with her.
He should have not.

They met a couple of times more,
He visited and always chose her.
They did not have sex,
They made love to each another
They should have not.

Her pimp did not let him meet her,
Once he got the hint.
His friends pulled him out of that place.
He dated many women, none like her.
She had many customers, none like him.
He remembered their conversations,
She remembered them too.
They should have forgotten.
Their relationship was not meant to be.

He stopped dating
She stopped taking customers
Both were tired of meaningless relationships.
He did not marry
She left the brothel for good
They grew old, remembering each other
They should have not.
Their relationship was not meant to be.

One day -
They will grow very old and die
Hoping to be with each other forever.
They had met by chance the first time,
Fate would bring them together for the last.
Because their relationship was meant to be.

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