i buried you

once meaningful 
makes no sense now
the laughter shared
turn now into nightmares
the memories - once happy
haunt me now.
finding answers makes no sense now
yet, often, i find myself -
sitting alone and wondering - why? 

the happy chapter 
why did it have to end
why the said words 
became nothing but lies

bit by bit, i had let go of you
and you turned back to me -
like the dust,
rising with the wind
making the eyes water
and i could do nothing,
absolutely nothing
as you continued to be...

it hurt the most to see -
that you have moved on;
never did you realize,
the wrong you did
and i,
i waited for a sorry - 
hoped to forgive and reconcile 

finally i made a choice
buried you 
deep inside the dark corners of the mind
yet, you still find a way
to come back -
and haunt me...
remind me of how naive i am
how easy to trust and to be betrayed
you come back -
each time to cause more pain
and humiliation.
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