search and you shall find...


i reach out to you
in thoughts 
as i sit alone, waiting
for the moment to come
that'll take me down
deep down to a place
where i might disappear forever
dissolve into nothingness.

i plead
hope you will listen
and you will come
to save me from 
the unsettling feeling 
of depression
slowly seeping into me
making me vulnerable 
each moment; 
as the serpent coils around me
choking me each passing moment.

i cry out loud
when i realise it will perhaps be too late 
if and when you come
i will be crushed and ruined;
the serpent of depression 
would eat me alive
and i would soon begin
to dissolve into nothingness

i see you
just when i am about to close my eyes
the unconsciousness -
preferred than the alternative
i give in to the unnatural sleep
believing you were just a hallucination

it's not until i feel -
your breath on my skin
not until you gently -
run your hand over my head
that i realise you are real 
i take a deep breath
as i see you pick me up in your arms
and take me away from the serpent -
which coils around itself;
waiting in the dark,
to strike again.

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