Demon of my Dreams

 I walked away
It followed
I turned around
It stared me in the eye
Red hot balls of fury
And a forked tongue -
Moving in and out with a hiss
It was back -
The serpent;
To torture, to haunt.
I ran-
For life;
It followed with equal speed
I heard flapping of wings
And then -
It was there, right in front of me..
Its claws ready to grab me;
The serpent was now-
A demon,
More powerful than it was before.

I cowered under its gaze
Waiting for the moment-
When it would satiate itself
I felt it coming closer
I could smell its putrid breath
The forked tongue licked  my cheek
And I woke up with a scream.

A tiny figure in my room-
Dashed away from me
But came closer a while later saying -
It's time to wake up;
It's a beautiful day!

He's my saviour
The little man who pulls me away
From the claws of the demon-
Of my dreams,
Which are more real than reality itself.

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