the demon in the dark

i feel cornered
by some demonic force
there's no place to go
there's nothing but darkness
it's so quiet around me
that i can hear myself breathing
sucking in the air
heavy with fear, with dread
i exhale slowly
trying to release some tension
but i still feel it -
in my shoulders and in every bone of my body
i think i hear some noise
feel something move
i strain my eyes -
to look deep into the darkness
and i see the shadow
crawling slowly towards me
i can feel its putrid breath
as it comes face to face with me
i am unable to blink
and it stares straight into my eyes,
trying to reach for my soul.

it opens its mouth wide
and i go numb with fear
i want to close my eyes
but i cannot
i watch as it hovers over me
engulfs me in its own shadow
i take a deep breath, ready to scream
but all that escapes my lips is a whimper
that gets lost in the frightening silence
as it reaches for me ready to gulp me down
i close my eyes and i see nothing
i open my eyes and still i see nothing
i can feel the pulsation around me
the soft hissing echoes in my ears
and in that moment of fear
comes the clarity that -
the demonic force has consumed me
i am trapped inside its huge belly
i know there is nowhere to go
there never was
i breathe in the putrid air
fight off the dizziness
too late i realize,
as i feel myself growing weaker
and then i collapse
lost forever, inside the nothingness
consumed by the demon
that always lurked in the dark
wherever i went.

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