Would I?

Would I ever really –
Do what I had been doing in thoughts?
Give up on everything around me,
Leave everyone I care for,
And –
Walk away to be alone, all by myself?

Away, I would go –
Nothing to tie me down,
Do I really have the courage –
To walk out of the cocoon?
And –
Walk away to be alone, all by myself?

Would I miss –
People I have grown up to love?
People, I have selflessly cared for,
Almost all my life…
Would they mean nothing to me –
All of a sudden, as I make up my mind
And –
Walk away to be alone, all by myself?

Would I? I ask –
Not to you or anybody else
This question is for me to answer
And the same answer I always get –
Despite the deep-seated sadness,
That often engulfs me in its web –
The no-one-cares feeling –
Weight that I carry on my shoulders,
I know I always would –
Be the person that I have known myself to be
And –
I might walk away mentally,
For a few frustrating moments –
I would never really be able to step out
And –
Walk away to be alone, all by myself.
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