the companion of the dark

I hear its voice
calling out my name,
I hear its evil laughter
taunting me for -
the decisions I have made.

I step into the darkness
aware that it has nothing to offer
nothing good, at least.
I go there
because that's where -
the voices stop
everything and everyone
cease to exist.

it taunts me
it haunts me
but it does not hate me.
slithering in the dark
hissing out my name,
it exists in the dark
for my sake.
it needs me
as much as I need -
the darkness and -
the quiet that comes with it.

it feeds off of me
of my memories
often leaves me feeling empty
I prefer it sometimes, though,
as compared to the chaos.

it's part of me, now
the monster that -
lurks in the dark
I have gotten used to -
its putrid breath
and the shadow -
it casts over me.

I close my eyes
and imagine its form -
it's beautiful now…
not a slithering monster,
it's the shape of an angel -
it's the companion in the dark.

I fear it no more
as I embrace its existence
the darkness does not -
threaten me anymore
it has become a part -
of who I am now.

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