He entered the room, His eyes full of pain
To tell his wife the news,
He would have to go through the trauma again

He moved closer to the bed
Where his wife lay still, unconscious
Pain sketched all over her face,
She too knew, it was obvious
He took her hand in his
And she opened her eyes
Her eyes were full of questions
But he could not find his voice

I stood there in a corner
And watched as the couple hugged each other
They both knew the news
They had lost their child forever
They cried in each others arms
Unaware of my presence
They silently shared their pain
As in these circumstances words made no sense

For them I did not even exist
And I felt as if I belong to some other time
May be I was the past,
Or the supposed-to-be future...
The one who dissolved in the womb of a mother.

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