Father and Son

This is a story
of father and son
who lived happily
before the conflicts begun...

Every Sunday morning they went for a walk
spent time having a man-to-man talk
Sitting on the bench at the sea-side
like friends meant to be together forever
Father and son
spent their time enjoying every moment together
Nearly in the afternoon, they used to return
Arm in arm, before the conflicts begun.

They used to sit on the couch, reading together
till lunch was served on the table
Then they used to spend time together
Enjoying their lunch, watching movies on the cable
The lady of the house was proud to see them as one
This was when the conflicts had not begun.

One unfortunate day, the father lost his job
and he decided to talk to his son about it
That evening the son returned home, tired and exhausted
Father never realised that he would not be interested
As usual the father put his arm around his son
And the son put his arms around his father too,
But this was before the conflict begun.

When the son came to know
that his father is jobless now
He understood that the entire responsibility
would be on his shoulders now
Slowly his arm slipped down from his fathers shoulder
He walked a few steps away to avoid his father
The father did not know the things had changed
He walked to his son,
to finish the discussion he had started.

‘Oh father, you are an old man now,
Why don’t you just stop following me around the house
Why don’t you do something worth,
rather than just sit back jobless in the house!"
The father realise what had happened
and knew it was time for him to retreat to his room.
As he turned around to go
he saw his wife staring teary eyed at him.

Every alternate day,
the discussion turned to the fathers’ contribution to the house
One fine day, 
the father was seen dusting the furniture of the house
His wife came running to him 
and pulled the duster from his hand
She looked in his eyes and gently held his hand
She said, ‘He would understand soon,
what being a father means
wait till he gets married and has a son of his own
let him wait till he grows old 
and is said to be worthless by his own son’
The father, now tears in his eyes
looked at his wife and said
‘Sweetheart, let that never happen’

This is the story of 
father and son
before and after
the conflicts begun.

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