search and you shall find...

it's love...

the little things we do ...

you, staying in bed,
despite being awake in the morning,
watching me sleep,
waiting for me to wake up,
so that your face is -
the first thing i see in the morning.
the morning kiss...

me, making your favourite breakfast,
because -
it's going to be a long day at work, for you.
eating our breakfast, together
sipping our coffee at leisure -
before the hectic day begins.
the shower we take together...

it's all that matters.

we don't do diamonds,
or dining at fancy restaurants,
we do kisses,
every chance we get
we do hugs,
a warm reminder that
we are there for each other.

the little things we do ...

me, holding you in my arms
after making love,
running my fingers through your hair
as you fall asleep,
watching you breathe
and breathing in sync with you.
our hearts beating together...

it's all that matters.

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