few seconds of bliss

each morning she wakes up 
with a smile on her face
has those few seconds of bliss,
of not knowing,
and moments later -
the wave of reality comes crashing.
after the blank and peace of a few seconds -
come the memories and the chaos.

all she wants to do -
is slid back into the bed
and sleep.
be oblivious to all that’s happening
'it is too late now'
whispers the voice in her head
and she braces herself for the inevitable,
she’s fully aware that 
she’d face the serpent
at some point in the day.

she believes she can stop the serpent,
she can win,
but she loses each time 
as the serpent wraps itself around her,
suffocating her.
its fangs dig deep -
into the recesses of her mind
poisoning her thoughts
with all the negativity possible.

she toughs it out,
each time.
breathless and exhausted,
she emerges from the darkness.
the serpent slithering on her back,
around her neck -
but, its grip loosened. 
she knows it is not over,
but for now - 
she has survived.
she would have the serpent -
on her body,
ready to strike again,
but she can live peacefully
till it gathers its strength.

it gives her a chance
to have those few moments of bliss
the next day -
before the knowing comes.

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