it happens again.

she keeps it hidden from the world
the mark of the demon’s claw -
at the back of her neck.
Constant reminder -
of the demon in the dark,
her existence as its slave 
a helpless tattered doll.

she smiles when amidst people
when alone, she shivers with fear
the mark of demon’s claw -
burns her flesh,
warning that the demon is close by
just like the mark on harry’s forehead
warns him of Voldemort’s presence.

the sweating starts then,
followed by the headache -
and then a scary feeling,
in the pit of her stomach.
it closes in on her slowly
relishing her fear,
she smells its putrid breath
and it laughs maliciously
the assault begins and she closes her eyes.

the demon sucks her dry of joy
as she remains frozen in bed
satiated, the demon rolls over -
like a lover satiated after sex.
she’s too scared to move,
or make a sound 
she can never tell anyone
how the demon raped her mind.

the next morning -
she’d step out with a fake smile on her face
the lingering effect of the demon, masked.
the mark of the demon’s claw -
bruised and bleeding at the back of her neck,
hidden from the world.

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