passion. lust. the fire.

she watched him
from across the room
he was with a woman
whispering something in her ear
and the woman laughed. 

she desired him
evidently, the woman desired him
she grew jealous of the woman
ear, so close to his lips
hand, resting on his thigh.

her lips parted
she shifted in her seat
suddenly it was unbearably hot
as if the air-conditioner had malfunctioned
but it was her, she was on fire.

passion. lust. the fire.
nothing like she had felt before.
she continued watching him
her right hand moving over to her stomach
left hand to her lips.

she crossed her legs
attempt to suppress the beast of desire
the tingling sensation 

he looked at her
from across the room
their eyes locked
and she bit her lower lip
he moved the woman’s hand from his thigh.

she took a deep breath
and got up from her seat
walked out, 
she knew he would follow
she rummaged in her purse and found it.

she waited at the restroom door
he came and stood behind her
her body pulsating with desire,
she walked in, he followed
and she handed him the foil.

she felt his hands over her
his tongue in her mouth
his body pressed against hers
she inhaled sharply
as he began what she wanted.

the music stopped 
people clapped and cheered
her fingers hurt 
from gripping the seat too hard
he was still talking to the woman.

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