the disruption

she was calm and composed on the outside
but had a volcano within
dormant mostly,
quietly pulsating at times,
the volcano that was activated
when she was provoked.

it did her more harm
than it did to others
because it pulsated within
it suffocated her
broke her from the inside
the pressure built up
minute by minute
but there was no outlet
so it erupted inside of her
no one knew 
what was going on the inside
hidden by the calm exterior.

she retreated then, 
to her room
her knees against her chest
her arms holding herself together
a foetus in the womb
focused on her beating heart
air moving in and out of her lungs.

her eyes closed shut
she felt the chaos within subside 
she was not what she was
before the volcano erupted
but the healing had begun
and she knew she would be okay.

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