seven dates

‘Yes’ she said, tears of joy in her eyes
her hands warm on his cheeks
he took her hand in his
and put the ring on her finger
he was still on his knee
when she kissed him on the lips.

first date.
they met through a dating website
both reluctant to converse at first
she had never been in love
and he was recovering from a heartbreak.

second date.
they went for a movie
no need to talk.
they watched the movie in silence, 
their hands within limits of their seats.

third date.
they went for a walk in the woods
she tripped over a root
and he caught her in time
they held hands the entire duration of the walk.

same date.
he dropped her home.
at the door - 
she took out keys from her purse
tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
she looked at him,
‘bye' he said, his hands inside his jeans pocket
‘bye' she said, a shy smile on her face.
she opened the door and walked in
and he walked back home.

same night.
he messaged her goodnight 
she replied goodnight and added a kiss emoticon
his heart skipped a beat.

fourth date.
they went for a long drive
had breakfast, lunch and dinner
on way back home,
he kissed her in the car before saying goodbye.
her heart skipped a beat.

fifth date.
lunch at home.
he invited her over
and cooked a delicious meal for her.
she was pleasantly surprised by the gesture.
they shared their stories
as they ate their lunch.
he told her about his broken heart
and she held his hand,
a gesture that said ‘i care’

same evening. 
on the couch.
they played a movie on DVD
she took the initiative -
and kissed him on the lips.
she moved closer
sat on top of him on the couch
and ran her fingers through his hair.
they kissed passionately 
as the movie continued in background.

he stopped kissing but 
he did not want to let her go
he wanted to pick her up
and carry her to the bedroom
he looked in her eyes, 
with his hands on her waist
he knew instantly -
she was not ready
for what was supposed to come next.

same night.
he dropped her home 
 and they kissed goodnight.
both unwilling to stop despite being breathless.
finally, she stepped back,
wishing she had not.
he nodded and walked away.
she closed the door as soon as she walked in
stood with her back to the door
and placed her hand on her stomach
to silence the ‘butterflies’
when it did not help,
she opened the door to check whether he was still there -
but he was not.

sixth date.
dinner at a fancy restaurant, both were on the edge
their bodies reacting with anticipation of what could be.
they made no eye contact
their hearts thudded against their chests
she felt the heat behind her ear and his lips parted with hope.
they finished their dinner in silence
and as they walked home together
they kept their hands to themselves

at the door.
she fumbled, searching for the keys in her purse
he took her purse and found them for her
he opened the door and his closeness triggered the desire.
her body now ready for whatever was meant to come next
she stepped in the house without looking back
she knew he had followed because she felt his warmth
and then his lips on the nape of her neck. 
she let herself go, her back against his chest
he picked her up in his arms
and carried her to the bedroom.

they made love that night and then early in the morning again
he held her close as she rested with head on his chest.
they slept peacefully in each other’s arms
comfortable as if it was their routine. 

same morning.
he was alone in bed when he woke up
she was making breakfast in kitchen 
wearing his shirt, which he thought -
looked better on her than it ever did on him.
he walked to her and kissed her neck
his hands on her hips, under the shirt.
her lips curved into a smile 
in anticipation of what was to come next.
she turned to face him and he kissed her on the mouth
she moved her hands to unzip his jeans
but he moved back and said he had to leave.

seventh date.
or sixth date part two
she checked her cell phone later that morning
to see if there was a message from him
there was none.
she waited the whole morning,
and then the whole afternoon,
when she did not hear from him till evening 
she picked up her cell phone and called him
the call went unanswered and 
she did not know what to think of it.
it was a surprise when the doorbell rang at night
and he stood at the door with a smile on his face.
she stood motionless, staring at him
he walked past her and inside the house.
he waited for her and when she closed the door
he got down on one knee -
‘marry me’ he said.

‘Yes’ she said, tears of joy in her eyes
her hands warm on his cheeks
he took her hand in his
and put the ring on her finger
he was still on his knee
when she kissed him on the lips.

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