he loved her ... no matter what.

he was in love with her 
head over heels, 
butterflies in the stomach, 
heart skipping a beat -
and any other kind of love there was.
he was in love with her.

she did not know he existed.

he watched her every day from across the street,
as she waited for the bus every morning,
he crossed the street when her bus arrived,
and joined the line to get in the bus with her,
he pushed through the crowd,
stood behind her, 
so close that he smelled her shampoo.
the bus halted to a stop suddenly
and his body came into contact with hers.
it was a genuine mistake and that felt good.

she seemed oblivious to his presence.

he followed her to school,
breathing heavily through his mouth.
he went through this feeling every morning
and then he went to an isolated street,
walked into a dilapidated structure
and did the deed with his hand.
he had to tell her how he felt, he thought
it was time for her to know, he decided
and waited for her outside her school.
he heard her before he saw her.
she was laughing at a joke made by her friend.

she did not notice him watching her.

the girls said their goodbyes
and she walked towards the bus 
he followed.
his palms were wet with sweat 
and his throat was dry
he followed her from school towards the bus-stop
and waited a few steps away from her -
breathing through his mouth,
hoping no one would see the bulge in his pants.
as her bus came and she got ready to climb,
he rushed towards her and 
found a place next to her to stand.
when she was about to climb in
he pulled out a knife
and placed it at the small of her back
wait, he whispered and stood close to her
strands of her hair in his mouth,
her back against his chest
her butt against his erection
and he moaned.

she gasped, finally acknowledging his presence. 

walk he said and pushed her away from the stop
he took her to the isolated street
and into the dilapidated structure
he pushed her to the ground and laughed
she was too scared to run, too scared to move.
i love you he said as he unbuckled his belt
and then he showed her how much.
he ran his fingers through her hair,
as she cried, after. 
‘tell me you liked it’ he said
and she cried louder. 
‘tell me you liked it’ he yelled
as his fingers closed around her throat.
‘tell me you liked it’ he continued yelling
as she stared wide-eyed at him,
and struggled under him to get free. 
her hands around his wrist, 
trying to loosen the grip,
her nails digging deep.
‘tell me you liked it’ he cried
as her hands fell back to the ground.
‘tell me you liked it’ he sobbed
‘tell me you love me’ he said 
punching her lifeless body.

it was too late, when she finally knew he existed.

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