the act

she lay in bed
still, holding her breath
she was told not to move
but it was becoming difficult 
with every second that passed by
she bit her lower lip
attempt to stop the inevitable
if not stop, at least delay
she turned her head
left, right and then left again
she clutched the bedsheet,
hoping it would help.
No. No. No. 

moments ago - 
he kissed her on the mouth
and said ‘don’t move’
as he slid down under the sheets
his tongue exploring her body,
all the landmarks…
as he went further down,
and circled her navel with his tongue
she made a frustrated sound
her hand over her forehead
eyes closed shut
she could not take it anymore 
he moved further south -
and she finally let go.
‘damn’ a muffled sound -
came from under the sheets 
as her body arched, shuddered and then relaxed.

moments later -
his head peeked out from under the sheets
he stared at her
in mock frustration.
but he was actually glad
to be able to give that to her.
‘damn’ he repeated 
and kissed her on the mouth
she tasted herself on his tongue
she laughed through the kiss.
he shifted to climb on top of her -
part two.

she loved 
being loved like this
made her feel alive
energy coursed through her body
like never before

she moved now
in sync with him.

the sky capturing 
their special moments
their moans drowned 
by the loud thundering
raindrops witnessed the act
through the window
before shying away.

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