the devastating storm

she knew 
she could not abandon ship 
amidst the storm 
and the storm was relentless 
it was there since a long time 
and threatened to be there 
for much longer duration. 

all she could do 
was steer the ship 
pray as it tossed and toppled. 
she was not the captain 
the ship was not 
primarily her responsibility 
but the captain was the drunkard 
who’d put the ship 
in the path of the storm 
in first place. 

other crew members
were helpless,  
silent observers 
too scared 
of the wrath 
of the drunkard captain. 
she could not let the ship sink 
because that’s not how she was made 
she had her own demons 
but despite that she had to 
try and keep trying to help 
someone else chase their demon. 

it was not an easy task 
because the other one suffering 
was inexperienced and unwilling 
to fight the demon on their own 
there was only so much she could do;
but she had to keep trying.

she wished to jump ship 
and swim ashore to an unknown place 
live her life on her own terms
even if it were for a while
but just then -
a huge wave rocked the ship 
she lost her footing 
and fell, still trying 
to steady the other demon’s host 
yet again she was forced 
to take the wheel and find a way 
through the storm
The never ending storm.

All she could do was brave it through
Give her best at the wheel
And try to make it through the damaging storm 
and manage to remain undamaged and unbroken 
lest the other one depending on her 
got consumed by the demon.

the drunkard captain - 
blissfully unaware of the storm
continued his drunkard lies
stories of his glory days
and how he captained the ship
despite the betrayal of his crew.

she knew 
she could not abandon ship 
amidst the storm 
no matter what the drunkard captain said
she had to stand tall
face the wrath and 
the storm at the same time
fight against her own demon -
stop it from consuming her
and fight for the other one, too.

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