a night in a bar

she woke up with a headache 
in the bed of a stranger
she slid out of the bed
collected her clothes
and walked to the bathroom.

she remembered -
going to a bar
having a couple of drinks
noticing him watching her
and sharing a drink with him.

she vaguely remembered - 
dancing with him
kissing him
his hand on her waist
and then under her skirt
his pelvis gyrating close to hers
too close.

her body hurt
when she looked in the mirror
she saw bite marks on her neck
and her breasts.
there was pain  
in between her legs
and signs of intercourse.

she tried to recollect -
how many drinks she had?
did she leave her drink unattended?
did she leave the bar willingly with this man?

nothing. blank.

she got dressed and walked out
hoping that he’d be still asleep 
when she walked out
but he was not 
he smiled and invited her back to bed.

she told him she had to leave
he said okay 
and watched her walk out of the bedroom
she took a deep breath
felt relaxed
but -
she did not know,
there was another man
waiting for her in the living room
who wrapped his arms around her 
the moment she stepped out.

she yelled
called out for help
her reactions did not matter
the man was too high 
to understand
he picked her up and brought her back to the bedroom
the man in bed made space for them.

the man carrying her 
threw her on the bed and began undressing her
she struggled despite the body ache
the man in bed held her arms above her head
she felt dizzy 
lost the strength to fight back
they took turns.

memories came back -

dancing with him
kissing him
his hand on her waist
and then under her skirt
his pelvis gyrating close to hers
too close.
her objection.
pushing him back.
his reaction.
pulling her back into him
his erection hard against her stomach

she noticed another man 
watching them
walking towards them
and punching the guy misbehaving.

this man was kind
offered to drive her home
asked her permission 
for one drink before leaving.
she agreed.

his eyes were mesmerizing 
his lips inviting 
she took the drink 
he brought for her
they talked
he joked
his hand rested on her thigh
as he laughed.

she felt dizzy
he put her arm around his neck
and his arm around her waist
he helped her out of the bar
and into the car 
his friend drove to the entrance.

flashbacks -

the kind man’s tongue in her mouth
his hand on her breasts
under her skirt
the unzipping sound
the penetration
the hurt
laughter from the driver’s seat
the man she had been dancing with -
watching them in rear view mirror.
before she passed out.

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