the good ol’ days...

i sit in a corner and 
think of the days that once were 
trying my best not to think
of the days to come...
because I remember reading - 
anxiety happens when you think -
you have to figure out everything all at once. 

i take each day as it comes 
‘one day at a time’ - a mantra
i remember from a movie.
i have been living in the present 
for a long time 
since when - 
i can hardly remember,
not that it really matters.
today i forget about 
what happened yesterday
day before is a distant memory.

some might call it memory loss
i call it blessing in disguise
the details are lost - 
amidst the fog
but random threads remain
from the shredded fabric of time.

those memories -
they still haunt me at times,
as i try to let go and live
they come -
like waves crashing at the shore.

scattered amongst those memories 
are the memories of days long gone
i vividly remember the long time ago
when things were 
the way they were 
the way i wanted them to be
the good ol' days
the days i will never get back... 

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