the river runs through...

lingering memories
chain of mountains
birds singing their song
green meadows
and -
the river that runs through 

vivid memories
of us walking along the river bank
fingers intertwined
lying on the wet grass
identifying shapes of clouds
rocks singing us a melodious song
as the river runs through

i still go there
to relive the moments 
of togetherness
our presence still lingers
amidst the mountains 
the meadows 
i still see you 
lying on the grass
your voice lost
in the sound of 
the river that runs through

you begin to disappear
blurring with each step i take
i reach the spot 
where i saw you 
but - 
you are gone
crossed over to the other side 
the outstretched field of heaven.

i sit on the grass alone
the birds sing
a mournful song,
as if joining me in my grief
the rocks play a soothing tune
as the river runs through

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