it’s mine

you think you know me 
but you don’t
you imagine how my life is
it is your fiction
not my story.

you create a character
write a scenario
where i am 
who you think i am 
but that’s just
the me version of you.

in my non-fiction
i am who i am
who i always will be.
i do not have anything to hide
that does not mean
i will show you 
all that i have. 

you think you see everything
that is
but it’s just the tip
of the iceberg
there’s lot going on
below the surface
that you cannot fathom
do not try to
figure out what you cannot see
else you'd drown
in the darkness
in which i swim easily.

it's my territory
the darkness is mine
it's a part of me
it's in me
around me
i know my way around it
i will not get lost
but you definitely would.

do not follow me 
if you do
be prepared for what's to come
the darkness will consume you
seep in through every pore
it will take from you
until there's nothing left to take.

let me be 
who i am 
where i am
it's my story to tell 
there are chapters
i won't read out loud
they are mine to write
mine to read 
mine to keep.

live your life
be happy
face the sunshine
leave the darkness to me
it's where i live now
it's where i belong
it's my lover 
i sleep with every night 
make love to
and spoon with.

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