the demon's kiss

The darkness blinded her
Its claws gripped her throat
The demon hissed - 
And blew its putrid breath into her
And then -
She was no longer who she was
She became it and it was her
The difference gone
They became one. 

She opened her eyes
The darkness did not matter
She could see as if it was bright daylight
She brought her hand to her throat
To scratch the horrible itch
Her hand was not hers
Fingers were shriveled and -
Her fingernails had turned into claws.

She screamed -
At least tried to...
The noise that came out
Sounded like the Demon's call
She felt her dried lips
And smelled her own putrid breath
And then she remembered what had happened -
How the demon had possessed her -
She remembered the Demon's Kiss.

She had lived her life in fear of the demon
And now whoever saw her feared her.
The demon had destroyed her -
Now she was the destroyer
She had spent years lying awake in bed
Afraid of the nightmares
Now, she was the cause of someone else's nightmares
The demon had possessed her
And turned her -
Ripped off her identity
Now she was someone she did not recognize
She was the demon of someone else's life.

And all it had taken was just one kiss...
The Demon's kiss
That transformed her into the worst version of herself.

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