I Wish I Could...

I wish I could spare some time
and write a few lines for you
Recite it to you in the silence of the night
Just like I used to whisper it in your ears

I wish you could listen and smile as I whispered,
Know in your heart that I meant each word...
I wish I could hold you close
and feel the softness of your breath on my cheeks
I wish I could skip a heartbeat yet again
as you hold me close and whisper your poem
the one, which fills me with contentment...
A poem without words.

It's been too long since -
we shared moments together;
sharing our poems for one another
You just walked too far away
and I -
became too busy with the least important things in life

I wish, somehow we could correct this
I wish to write a poem for you,
A poem, which could shake open the gates of heaven
And let you reach out to me
and allow you to fill me with contentment, yet again.