Love Note

I have no words tonight
To let you know how I feel
I have no words to explain
What you mean to me
If I could, I would try and write
And fill page after page after page
But still it would not suffice
For I could never understand myself
What you really mean to me.
Why is that life seems to be perfect
Whenever you are next to me?
I have always marveled at the way
You handle everything with confidence
How worries seem to cease
When I share with you
I can never tell you in words
How I feel when you look at me and smile.

If you wish to know,
All that I cannot say
You just need to look in my eyes
And place your hand where my heart beats
In my eyes you would see
The pride and joy to know that you love me
And my heart beat might just tell you
How much you mean to me

From Archives, to clear out the seriousness hovering over this blog
Let there be "Love in the Air"

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