Close Your Eyes...

Close your eyes and, take a deep breath
Feel the moment, me and the togetherness
Forget everything, the work, the pain and the chase
Let us be together all day in a tight embrace...

Life goes on and on,
The constant ticking of the clock,
Silence it for a while, stop the ticking,
Let us run away from time and, enjoy the feeling...

Take off your shoes,
Let us take a walk in the moonlight
Let us live in the present, the moment
And let go everything from the past, the pain, the fight.

Let the waves of the ocean wash away
All the bad that we carry within...
Let me show you how much I care
Place a kiss on my lips and, let the moment begin.

Let us get carried away,
Run along the shore like the wild wind
Let us make a new start together
Leave the past behind.

Close your eyes and, listen to what your heart says
You will smile as you remember the old days
Open your eyes to the new world in front of you
The one, which is filled with my love for you.


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