No One Really Cares

Silent Road - 14

Motion of the second's hand of the clock,
The only sign of time slipping by
I stare aimlessly out of my window
Mulling over the lessons taught by life.

No one really cares;
No one does...

I care, the road tells me
And, I know the road means it.
It has always been there, silently listening
When I had something to share.
Without saying a single word,
It showed to me that it cared.

Tired and, with an empty heart
It still never failed to give resting place
To the homeless.
The widespread sky, their tent
The hard tarmac, their bed.
The road showed it cared even for those who hurt it
Thus slept the workers next to the road they dug

The trees say, "We care"
And, I know they mean it...
Roots exploring the darkness,
So that the leaves see the light
The roots spread underneath
So that the branches can seemingly touch the sky.

Each leaf, each branch sways gently
As the breeze passes through it
"We care" they tell me,
Trying hard to bring slightest smile to my lips
The leaves dance,
The breeze tickles me,
"I care, too" the breeze sings in my ears

A leaf detaches and floats in through my window
"Come let me put you to sleep" it says
Come let me put you to sleep,
A voice from the past echoes in my ears

The breeze comes in, too
"She does not want to sleep, let her play" it says
She does not want to sleep, let her play,
Another voice from the past echoes in my ears

I see them clearly, my parents...
Holding me by the arm
One on each side of me
"We care" their eyes tell me
Memories of my childhood flash before my eyes

Life might seem to be hard at times,
Might make us think, during those hard times,
That no one cares, no one does...
But, it also gives a silent message,
Which, most of us fail to understand...

There are a few people who would never fail to care
Few people who would always be there.

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