At Times...

At times, there was so much to say
But I did not get the chance
At times, you looked in my eyes
Waiting for me to say something,
But all that I could do was just look at you.

At times, I wanted you to hold me
But you were just so very busy
At times, when you held me
I felt the moment should never pass
But, all wishes never come true
And I know that because of you.

The more I wanted you to be there for me
The more the distance grew
There were possibilities for us to change...
All that was happening between us
But we both just did not have the time
Now, as I sip coffee, I often go back in time

Do you go back in time, too?
Do you realise, too, all that happened was wrong?
Sometimes, I wonder, should we give ourselves one more chance
And see if our love for one another is still strong.

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