Give Me Strength…


I wrote this poem at 4:30 early morning today. I had just slid into the bed to sleep and these words just came to me and I had to get up, open my writing pad and pen down the poem. I just went on writing not even knowing where to start a new paragraph. I hope you all like the poem. It is Straight from my heart.


Give me strength O Lord,
To fulfil each dream -
Of those little expectant eyes ...
That look at me.
The eyes, I wish never fill with tears.
I would strive hard to see to that.
Every effort would be made -
To make that little face smile.
The face, which makes me smile each morning...
As I look at her -
Sleeping peacefully in my embrace,
her tiny hand resting on my waist.
The one, who gives me a feeling of completeness,
gives a meaning to my life -
For all that is and all that can be.

Give me strength O Lord,
To be a mother to her, who knows me as one.
She might have belonged to someone else,
Conceived in another womb -
From someone else's seed.
But, she is mine to hold now,
Mine to care and love.
Because, every morning and every night -
I see myself in her eyes...
The sparkling gems that make me -
The richest woman in the world!
Yes, she is mine to hold,
To care and love.

So, give me strength O Lord,
To hold her and, love her as my own -
With much confidence, pride and faith -
That I can be good mother to her and
She would someday proudly say -
"I am hers - to hold, care and love ...
And, she is mine!"

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