The Hidden Journal

Of all that I speak
and all that I do not -
I keep a record in the hidden journal
Few words smudged with tears
Feelings splattered all over.
The hidden journal -
It sits in a corner where no one can find -
A place so well-hidden;
deep down inside me.

A part of me, which always is scared...
Scared to reveal itself to the world -
Vulnerable it would be,
The hidden journal, stark naked -
Open to the cruel world.

Let me keep it safe, deep inside
The Hidden Journal -
Of all that I speak
and all that I do not ...
Let the emotions be unleashed -
written in ink only I can read.
Words exchanged between us;
The hidden journal and the smiling me.


  1. Very Beautiful verse.. Loved it absolutely.

  2. Sometime writng in a diary actually feels can confide so many things to it..without getting judged :)

  3. very nice..!! just like a hidden journal in everyone's mind... but u gave them beautiful words..!! :)

  4. hope i cld vent out feelings like dis..!

  5. Arti HonraoNovember 12, 2009

    Thanks, Prats :)
    It is straight from the heart!


  6. Arti HonraoNovember 12, 2009

    Yes, sourish.
    When writing a journal we can be our own self ... no need for a mask.
    In this poem, I refer to similar kind of journal. Where I am just me. Words, which are saved deep inside my mind, only for me to read


  7. Arti HonraoNovember 12, 2009

    Thanks, Priyanka.
    We all can ... just need to hold a pen in hand, words would flow. 
    May be not a poem like this one, we can always write for ourselves!


  8. Arti HonraoNovember 12, 2009

    <span style=" line-height: 19px;">Thank you. 
    Yes, we all have our hidden journals. 

  9. Very nice, Arti :)


  10. Kirti TandelNovember 13, 2009

    Dear Arti,

    I so much felt connected with those words above... especially "I keep a record in the hidden journal, Few words smudged with tears, Feelings splattered all over"

    He he... i have lot of them... But today when I look back and go through those pages, tears still flow... not just from my eyes but also from those beautiful pair of eyes for whom i used to resort to my hidden diary... as we read together, the innocence and the purity of those moments... and then it hardly takes any time to bring a smile on our faces..

    Thats what makes these diaries so special... I strongly believe one should vent out as much as possible... If theres no one who can understand you, i believe theres atleast one who does... and thats YOU! And the Diary and the Pen are the best companions to connect you to yourself easily...

    Thanks for letting us connect with you through your beautiful writings... 

    You are one person because of whom I decided to start a blog... I really love your posts... Keep writing... Let the ink flow.. May it never stop!

    Take care...

  11. Dear Arti, it's a beautiful post. Well said. The mind is a hidden journal too. :)

  12. Arti HonraoNovember 13, 2009

    Thank you, Devika


  13. Arti HonraoNovember 13, 2009

    Thanks, Kirti.
    And the Diary and the Pen are the best companions to connect you to yourself easily...
    I agree.

    Also, there are few journals, which are not written in ink, they are always there at the back of our mind :)

    I am really honored. 

    I will keep writing, you keep reading :)


  14. Arti HonraoNovember 13, 2009

    Perfect! You understood what I was trying to say here.
    Thanks, Venus



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